Useful Smartphone tips and tricks

Smartphones are ever more modern than ever. They are filled with tons of features, such as front and rear facing cameras, heart rate monitor, fingerprint screen lock, and access to applications. For some, today's highly advanced smartphone is a strong learning curve. Although, the maximum number of devices are user-friendly, they are highly appreciated for use.

Even if you're a taxi sensitive smartphone user, you probably do not know every tip and hack in the book to get the most from your device. In order to solve common issues, we have compiled this useful guide to the most useful smartphone tricks. There are many tips to help you use your device in a new way. This comprehensive list will change your relationship with your smartphone.

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Tips for protecting your smartphone battery and data usage

"Many apps run in the background, even when you are not using them. This is what matters for email like social and social media, where you might want to know those minutes in which you Get a new message or comment, but you really need it. Games, notes, and music players have a battery resource on 24/7? Ben Taylor
1. Disable background data for your unavailable apps.
"Many apps run in the background, even when you are not using them. It is considered for email and social media, where you might want to get a new message or minute. But do you really need your resources, notes and music players to run battery resources up to 24/7?

"With iOS, you can turn on app-based background data. Settings-> General-> Background app update to update, and select apps to turn off.

"With Android, you can limit" background data "for each app. Go to Settings-> Data usage. Tap on the app you like, then tap the cellular network. But scroll down to limit the background data to the bottom. (Remember that this setting protects you from getting into error in your data plan.) "- Ben Taylor, to get the path For 15 tricks better smartphone battery life, time magazine

2. Disable app notifications that you do not really need.
"The annoying app has corrupted the notifications that just to come? If you do not already know, this app's notifications also monitor your phone's battery. If you want to close them, and You are Jelly Bean 4.1 and above, how's here. On your unwanted notifications in your notification bar, for a message box to be pressed on a long press release. App> Anti Show Show Notifications> OK Tap -Lails, 10 Useful Android Tips and Tricks You Should Know, Hangout; Twitter: @ Hangout

"Under the settings of your phone, go to the Cellular or Data Usage tab and toll the cellular data for specific apps that use your data. You can always have battery # when you can take more battery. " Broking shantton
3. Disable cellular data usage for specific apps and features to save battery power.
"Stop using cellular data for some apps and features that you do not need to save battery. Go to the cellular or data usage tab under your phone settings, and tiggle cellular data for specific apps that you You can always take your photos when you have more battery. "- Brooke Shuntsona, 16 cell phone hacks, every binochemistry needs to be known, cosmetic; twitter: @ cosmopolitan

4. Premium versions of your favorite apps can save data usage and battery power both.
"Yes, we like free apps. Like most free stuff in life, they always come with a price. Recommends to pay for the premium version of Castro apps that will show you ads. There are free applications that constantly use your data to provide your different ads! In addition to saving your data consumption, Castro says it also has some battery power on your device. "- Wendy Tang, 8 smartphone hack for non-technical lover, LinkedIn; Twitter: @ Answer

"Ever wondered that phone manufacturers have made such low-charge cables? Do they want to save money? No, the answer is that they do not want to use the phone during charging you." Ashik, Life Hack
5. Do not use your smartphone while charging.
"Ever wondered why phone phone manufacturers make such low charge cables? Do they want to save money? No, the answer - they do not want to use the phone during charging. Yes, they charge the same time And encourages the idea using it, because it reduces the battery life to a limit. Most phones carry lion-ion batteries.

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