YouTube has validated features that can make more creators less money

Yesterday, tomorrow's announcement, YouTube announced that creators can make money and increase their communities on platforms. Changes to channel subscriptions, traders, and pre-recorded videos are included in the changes as "live moment" which creators and fans can watch together.

Over the last few years, creators on YouTube have to change their services like tracks and hatches to meet their careers. Many creators on YouTube, such as Casace Deffranco, and H3H3, Eitan and Lightweight, have failed to save YouTube from their based and defective algorithms that influence their ideology and economy. Are doing Channel membership, which offers Patron and Beich to their customers, is likely to cross one, YouTube responds in the background.

Channel memberships, used as sponsorships, pay $ 4.99 a month for eligible channels with more than 100,000 users in converting them into digital content such as amazon, seed and posts community tabs. Allows YouTube, of course, will deduct this fee. Subscribers subscribed to channel membership will also be able to access special livemasters, additional videos, and show-outs. It is different before YouTube Premium, which is already the name of YouTube Red, a paid subscribed subscriber for original content, as well as depriving of all YouTube videos advertising.

YouTube also announces that channel channels (based on more than 10,000 users and Americans) will be able to sell customized businesses in their fans with Teespring. Using this feature, currently alive, phones like cover and plasma can be sold directly to your Twitter channel.

YouTube also announced Premiere, a new way to watch videos created for creators as live content and watching them with their viewers. You can also buy fan super chat, which is a feature which YouTube has introduced last year, which featured and featured your comments in chat box. Talks between chat chat chat, depending on how much money has been spent.

According to YouTube's post, some tutorials have seen an increase in the test before leaving these features. These changes can be a step towards YouTube and individual individuals that are more positive in relation to the ability to convert the website; however, only time will tell.

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