10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

The list of best teen movies and movies about youth, youth and high school. These are the best young movies. These movies show crazy, funny and crazy time to become a teenager.

These are the top 10 best teens of the movies.

1. The Breakfast Club

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

A 1985-year comedy drama film is written and directed by Breakfast Club John Hughes. Five high school students are involved in captivity of all different obstacles, where they get their hearts out of each other, and discover how much they are related to them generally. Movie Duration is 97 minutes. Breakfast Club is the perfect teenage movie all the time. This can not be the capacity of his colleagues - to drink, driving, to the extent of parking in the parking lot - as well as in any scene during school.

Worriedly, the biggest high school movie of all time is considered as an entertaining weekend as well as one of Hugh's most memorable and acceptable tasks. See also; Top 10 most of the hollywood movies.

2. Juno

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Genius movie
With an unorganized pregnancy, an unfortunate young woman makes extraordinary decisions about her birth baby. The 96-minute period is directed by Johnson Jackson and is a 2007 comedy drama written by Dablo Kodi. Alan Page stars As a title role, an independent mental teen who faces an unusual pregnancy and the next events stress her adult life. Michael Craig, Olivia Tulby, J. K. Siemens, Alison Jennie, Jennifer Gerner, and Jason Batman also starred.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Felix Beller's of the movie
A boy in high school is determined to be away from a school, despite what the principal think about it. The Ferris Beller's Day of 1986 is a comedy film written by John Hughes.

According to the film High School Senior Ferrari Boorer (Matthew Bredder), who decides to leave school and spend a day in the Chicago city center. According to his girlfriend Sloan Peterson (Mia Sarah) and his best friend Cameron Ferrari (Allen Rick), he is a creatively educated by Professor Edward Roni (Jeffrey Jones), his ancestor sister Jennifer (Jennifer Gray), and Parents avoid their school dean. During the film, Beller often spotted his fourth wall straight from the camera and broke his audience and audience commenting.

4. Mean Girls

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Cruel Girls
Meaning girls are directed by a 2004 American youth comedy film Mark Water. Screenplay was written by Tina F.e. and is based on the non-fiction book Queen Base and Venabis by Rosalind Wiseman, which explains how women's high school social clicks work and how girls influence Can do

There was a time when Linde Lohan was famous for her acting rather than her party's hip. Historically, La Lohan is featured in its best role, this Tina Fai Writing film also holds a breakout as Rachel Macadem's evil-spell McGregina George. While material girls are technically funny, the fate of the girl's salvation is incredibly true.

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5. Dazed and Confused

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Dazed and confused
The advent of upcoming high school and junior high school adventures in the last days of the school in May 1976. Movie Duration is 102 minutes.

Dangerous and confused is a 1993 comedy film written and Richard Lincoln has directed. The film can be marked by a large number of actors who will later become stars, including Math Maconaghe, Jason London, Ben Aflak, Mela Giovich, Cole Hauser, Parrors Posus, Adam Gambler, Joi Lauren Adams, Nikki Kit , And the Rory Cooker. During the last days of this school in 1976, the plot acts on various youth groups.

6. Peggy Sue Got Married

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Peggy Sue is Married
Figures in a high school revolt faints. When he gets up, he finds himself in his past, before he finishes school. (103 minutes.)

Peggy Sue Got Married is a 1986 American comedy drama directed by Francis Ford Copola and plays the role of Catholic Turner as a female on the edge of the divorce, which is in her high school at her high school Takes back

7. Boyz n the Hood

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Bozz no
Saga of a childhood friend in Los Angeles's ghetto. Bozzowd is written by John Singleton, who wrote a 1991 film fiction drama movie. Immigrants Cuba Giving, Junior, Ice Cube, Larry Fasserborn, Maurice Chasten, New Long and Angelina Bass, this movie shows life in South Central (average south) California, Los Angeles.

The 112-minute Berz-N-Hood was filmed and released in the summer of 1991. During the 1991 Academy Awards, it was nominated for Best Director and Actual Screen, which Singleton nominated for the best director and first African American. Nominated for the award.

8. 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

You hate 10 things
A film inspired by Classic Shakespeare"Show Thaming"., Set in a modern day high school.

Hated about 10 things, a 1999 American youth is a romantic comedy movie. This Pink Jungle and Stars are directed by Julia Styles and Heat Ledger. The screenplay was written by the screenplay Crane Macullah Lotsz and Christine Smith.

9. Rushmore

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

Retro movie
The Prince of Pre-Prasad King is placed on the educational examination. (93 minutes.)

Racquorver is a 1998 comedy drama directed by Wees Anderson to be directed by a golden young man named Max Fresher, who is rich in his love for rich friendship with Hermann Bloom, his friend and primary school teacher Rosemary Cross. Is.

10. Heathers

10 Best Teen Movies of All Time

A girl whose half-hearted effort is to be part of her "sheep in" school, meets a rebel who guides her more miserable to play social politics. (103 minutes.)

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