What You Don't Know About 20 best and paying online jobs from home without investment May Shock You

20 Best and Paying Online Jobs from Home Without Investment
Looking for online jobs so that you can earn money while working on the ground instead of working in pajamas. Every body wants to start working online without investment because many of you do not believe and think your money will be lost. The problem is that many people will not guide you on the right path so that you can be taught by people who are searching for people like you and me. I am not saying that every site on the Internet is fraudulent by fraudulent frauds and you have to choose and choose the work.

20  Online for Free jobs without Investment in Pakistan India

Here is a list of 30 online jobs from home without investment, which actually serves. Some of them require registration, while others need to sign up with the correct email address. You need to find the right field for you and work hard.

1. Jobs paid online without investment

Survey sites are very popular in making money because it does not require any special skills or computer knowledge. Apart from this, you do not need any previous experience because you have to provide all of the world's shops based on your personal life experience.

Sites like Inbox, Till Plus, Tolona, ​​E-Research Global and Survey Suite give you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

2. Click online advertising via PTC (click on paid) sites

PTCs (click on pay) websites often point to people because they do not understand the structure and how it works. Companies or advertisers pay your money as they are doing through Google's search engine.

The difference is that they show ads on search pages while you have to go to the page via PTC sites. Advertisers have to pay money in both cases, so why not pay people like you and me instead of giving them big companies such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

The only problem is that unless you spend some money, you can not reduce a lot of money and refer to those friends and family members. Sites like Nibics, Clauses, Pedvorsets and Rewardies rely on its members since 2009.

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3. Pay to pay for Tasks and Offices

GPTPs or sites can also be paid another source of income, where you can generate $ 5,000 per month. You can imagine what I want to generate income and my question is very easy to answer. Just subscribe to the website just like full tasks, games like fast fees, subscribe to YouTube channels, posting forums, completing small surveys, different sporting ratings, videos etc.

Just join, a web site like,
Secret Stock, Treasure Tropuras, Bank Roll Boxes,, and last but at least

4. captcha typing jobs online without investment

There are lots of online workpoints in online work sites that pay without investment at a daily basis, but the problem is how we can find sites legally. We only provide captcha work with free registration so that you do not need to pay the same money. In this work you have to solve the pictures that are used to distinguish between humans and robots.

You earn more than 100 photos per 100 pieces so that if you have typing speed, you can get $ 10 to $ 15 per day working on a daily basis. Mega Typer, Protipe, Cappa 2 Cash, Coleitablo, Fast Typer, 2 Capcha, Quiet Group and Captcha Types pay their customers on a regular basis.

5. Make Money From YouTube

A few years ago the YouTube monetization program was only available in the United States but the time has changed. This program is now available in the UK, Germany, France, Australia, and even developing countries such as India, Pakistan etc.

Unlike Blogger and Website, you do not have to buy anything (server or domain name), just sign up with any Gmail account and make a YouTube channel instantly. If you have a channel with 30K to 50kg users, you can earn at least $ 500 per month without having to do much work. YouTube video views include old videos, staging videos, funny videos, parody videos, technology videos, game reviews, WWE reviews etc.

The best part is that you can download and upload videos from Facebook pages because they are not available on YouTube. With this you can upload the same YouTube video with creative common attributes.

6. Make Money with Google AdSense

Google also allows a search engine to pay for your blog or website. They have basically two programs for Google AdWords (for advertisers only) and Google AdSense (for publishers only).

Advertisers want to show their ads to their place / topic related website, and they pay money to Google for that purpose. Publishers have created accounts first to display ads and create a code for JavaScript or blog code on the web site. Google will soon start displaying cookies based on the user's browser. When you click on a click on your site's ads, you'll get money and usually depends on the amount and traffic is coming from.

If you are from traffic to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and European countries, you earn lots of money. Once you earn at least $ 100, you can withdraw your income through Western Union or bank account.

7. Make Money With Smartphone Apps

In the 21st Century everyone has a smartphone in his hand, which gives some people the chance to earn revenue. It does not matter that the mobile platform you use is using whether it is Google or Android or Apple iPhone that you can reduce money, then you have the right apps. Very easy and you need to throw the circle and you can be a winner or horror.

Other applications include any kind of game or puzzles and you have to solve them. If you ask me how to ask for more than my answering apps in 2017, you'll be able to earn money - the highest pay app, easy shift app, gig walk, soo box, free Earn cash or money, cash pirates, google opinion feedback rewards, viggle, snap roots, make time-consuming, worthwhile and check points etc.

8. Affiliate Marketing

This is not for everyone but who thinks that they are going to make a lot of money. In affiliate marketing, you will have to sell products of different companies, and instead of giving them a commission. If the Commissioner may be up to 1% to 50%, then you can generate a lot of money if you understand with Facebook and Google campaigns.

You can do this directly (searching for various affiliate sites on the internet) or by accidentally clicking on Amazon, eBay, Click Bank, etc., you need target traffic to succeed. So that you will rate conversion rates. Be more

9. Data entry jobs without investment online

If you are good in typing words than data entry jobs, you are right. Some people take it lightly and want to start their online career with this task, but the problem is that you do not like this job soon or more.

So only if you are good in typing instead of being involved in online data entry jobs without this investment through this page. Also, if you want to work more than joining websites such as Upwork and Freelancer, where people will be charged to you on an hourly or monthly basis.

10. Free jobs from home

If you can design something, web designer, write an article, is working as web developer, work virtual assistant, programming code, video definition writing or very basic programming compared to freing. The skill also knows best for you. First you need to create an attractive profile on UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr and fill all the details.

Make sure you enter your original picture and details profile. Then you have to give a test to check the level of intelligence and skill level. If you score more than 70% in comparison to the possibilities, you will get your first plan sooner or later. Keep in mind that the competition on these sites is very difficult, you need to work hard and quickly try to work at a low cost.

11. Micro or mini jobs

People often reduce the power of the Microsoft or Mini Jobs sites and think that they will be lost. But they do not think that work can be done here in a short period of time, which means that they can complete many offers as a day. More offers mean more money so you can not be able to prevent money from getting anywhere in most sites.

Sites such as Microsoft workers, short tasks, click workers, a space, fast worker, crowd flower, crowd tap, social resources, etc. give you an opportunity to make a simple and small job. Tasks will start at least 0.05 dollars but can be done in just a few seconds. So if you do 1000 Money a day, you can do 1000 * 0.05 = $ 50 a day.

12. Work on $ 5 per web site

You can hear the firewall's name where you can accomplish tasks in five dollars, but many do not know that they can actually increase the increase. I know people who earn only $ 50 from one gig, so it's completely you have to offer your gig and how much you offer. Not only can you work on other Fiverr alternate sites in 2017 so that you can maximize your revenue.

Join Fiverr, SEO Cler, Gig Box, Charier, Genie, Five Squids, Guru, Crowd Spring, Project for Rent, Design crores, Work Market sites and change your spare time in dollars.

13. Domain Filing

Domain filing includes purchasing and selling domains, and this is in two ways. Before I tell you that you are thinking why people will buy domains when they can buy it with direct trusted companies. The first thing is that many people are searching brand names so they can start a new concept.

This way you can buy unique name domains and sell them to domain auction website. The second way you can buy keywords at the top or future future brand names, and in this way, they have forced you to pay as much as you do not have any option. Always look for com and dot net names, other formats are not easy to sell, so keep in mind. For this you all need to do a website and it is a floppy that is a business bargain place.

14. Buy and sell the website

Just like you can buy and sell your website. Or you can create, rank, or sell your website or you can buy it from other people. Of course, if you are for yourself then it will take time but you will be all profits. If you buy it from other people, you need to make sure you buy less money than in the market.

You do not have to create a website with large audience and content. Actually micro sites and blogs often sell at a good price, so think so. You can buy domains and host any web site like Godaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost etc. and sell on Flippa.

15. Earn money with terms of income

Rev sharing sites have a web concept on which website is to pay salary. But instead of clicking on the site, share the terms of interest with your sites. It's not easy, though you need to buy advertising packs to get money and earn money. The money is used to increase the business after your investment and the more profitable company you get.

To easily run your account, see at least 10 or 20 ads per day so that your account is active. Money can be invested through Pizza, Perfect Money, Buttons or Scrays and you can increase your income with references. Every site brings 5 ​​to 10% commission for each ad pack brought by your reference

16. Investment money in HYIP sites

As a general bank, you make a profit monthly. HYIP sites give you profits on daily or weekly basis. One thing to mention here is that some sites promise you a lot of profits but do not believe them. These sites are only scams and will get out of your money.

The sites I'm talking about are valid legal hips that are paying for its users for at least two years. Investment like Ethernet, Bitter, Site Sites, GoGetMoney is good but so far I can not guarantee you 100% that these sites will continue paying them in the future.

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17. Join CPA Networks

The CPA or cost per action allows you to perform and perform actions like sending targeted traffic to a campaign and making money. This Google AdSense does not like when you visit a site or click on your site's ads, you'll make money. Your traffic needs to change or perform certain tasks. You only need a website or in some cases you can also start a social media account.

Read: The highest paying CPA network in 2017

18. Start Web Hosting Business

In this era of technology, everybody owns a website and there is no small business without it. There is an estimate that more than one million new websites are available on the Internet, so you can imagine how big this industry is. Some of you think this business is very difficult to start because it includes technologies. But I tell you that one day your customers' sites are very easy to manage.

All you need to do is sign up for the Web site of WHM (Web host manager) and buy a package in which you are appropriate. Install this host on your host site and manage customer bills, CPL, automatic billing invoices. You can host real-estate hosters such as Godaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost, and buy your account by setting up your account.

19. Article Writing Jobs

We all know that all the content is on the web site and therefore is a great application for article writers. You can start writing for others, start your blog, write e-book, and write it for Amazon, Social Media Consultant, newspaper, or magazine etc.

Initially you can join many Facebook groups where people who will always be in search of article artists will meet. Otherwise join sites like sites and freelancans, where you will meet many customers.

20. Forex Trading

Forex Trading is a stock trading that is usually done in stock exchange, but you can also include platforms in the online world where you can start trading from home. These sites are brokers and they work as a stock exchange between middle and middlemen.

Forex trading is completely legitimate business and the loss of profit is considered, but some people or brokers are using it for bad purposes. It does not mean that this business is not reliable or good for people like you and me. To start trading, for sites like Forex Times, Octoberfax, Fixture and

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