Top 10 Most Bizarre Pregnancy Test Methods

Every woman's life is one of the most beautiful moments of pregnant and immoral parents. Nowadays, the pregnancy test is very easy but was not checked like this year ago, things were different, to the extent that you would think strange today. It is difficult to believe that people have actually used such strange methods to prove that the woman is pregnant. If you already want to learn about them, then continue to read and read the top 10 most intriguing test modes

10. The Ancient Egyptian Pregnancy Test Methods

Top 10 Most Bizarre Pregnancy Test Methods

Although this ancient Egyptian method seems to be strange today as a pregnancy test, it is far from today's day of trial. Women will have to fill two bags, hungry and wheat with others, and have to spend daily on them. If both bags shine, it appears that the woman is agricultural and potentially pregnant, and if any of them grew, the result was negative. In addition, if the wheat grows fast, then it will be a boy, and if the herbs grow sharp, then it will be a child.

9. The Distaff Gospels Test

Top 10 Most Bizarre Pregnancy Test Methods
Yet another and a strange pregnancy test is that it comes from trouble gospel, which is a combination of French medieval ideas and beliefs related to the 15th century. Although this examination was not completely accurate, it would present at least one indicator, because it is based on the principles of how they got a complete step, even if it was not completely found. A woman has to key or stretch in a small basin and then find the key and stay for a few hours. If the key chain continued in the basin then the woman was pregnant.

8. Injecting Urine into Living Animals

Nowadays women have to listen to a strip that they are pregnant, but in 1900 things were different. In the early half of the 20th century, the best pregnancy test had to be applied to a female urine in live animals and see what would happen. The urine of pregnant woman, it is said, may be due to animal change. Therefore, if a change felt, the woman was pregnant, and she was not.

7. The method of ancient Egyptians and Greek onions

Onion or near pregnancy can be followed
The ancient Greeks and the Egyptians used the same method to determine both attacks and onions. They put onions in the vagina near or near many cases or one onion and will give it sleep all night long. If the next morning, he took a towel breathing then he was not pregnant, but if he had no onions, he would soon become a mother.

6. Mixed urine with alcohol

Examination of pregnancy by mixing urine with alcohol
In middle ages, people did not understand science as they were considered these days. The medical was not strong yet and the tests were wonderful. The researchers and doctors of this time believe that urine helped determine the determination of an individual, but it was not analyzed that we have today. They only see urine and determine health conditions. It is a common way to find out if the woman was pregnant, then the urine was to be mixed with some red wine. They believe that if the woman was expecting, red wine would help to change urine color.

5. Mixed urine with Baloch

Test where you eat urine with ballet
This trial is also tried by some women on this day, but it should be completely avoided. In this test the fresh urine is mixed with a bit batch and then a mixture is observed for some time. If the mixture becomes very frozen, the woman is probably pregnant, but it does not get a little feast or the result is negative. However, it can not be tested because the blinch comes in touch with urine when the mixture is created, especially for pregnant women.

4.Urine testing test

Today blood is tested, it is done to tell you something is wrong with you, and urine tests are used to detect you to be affected by any medical condition. And if you are pregnant or not, it also checks urine to detect it. But long-term doctors will see urine status and tell everything about a person's health. They put urine in the flask and will analyze pregnant and other common health conditions. In some cases, doctors will have to taste urine, yes, you have read it right, they taste and urine urine.

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3. urine on granite sugar

Urine on granite sugar
Although this test is strange. But, at least not harmful. In this case, a woman will have to take a little wheat in a cup. And, next morning she'll be curious. They believe that urine will be used in sugar in the pregnant women's hormone and will not dissolve it and the fact that the woman is pregnant. If the sugar is over, the woman was not pregnant.

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2. Dandelion pregnant test

Dandaline pregnancy test
In this trial, a woman has to collect only leafy leaves and then it will have to hear it next morning. If the leaves did not see any major changes then they were not pregnant. However, if leaves of red leaves are often pregnant.

1. Eye test

Every pregnant woman needs to know about her eyes
In the 16th century, a doctor Jack Guillemeau considered pissue to become mad. And, he thought he was the best test to find out if the woman is pregnant. He said that it was possible to find if the woman is pregnant to see her eyes. According to the doctor, in the second month, women's eyes will have significant changes and it shows that they were expecting. In addition, during pregnancy a woman's attitude changes, and thus she says she was taking the baby.

Each of these tests is very strange. And, it is difficult to believe that they were actually present. We are fortunate that things have been prepared and it is just a few minutes to find out if you want to bring a new life in this world.

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