Top 3 platforms you can use to create your first blog

Blogging is one of the online businesses you can do without leaving your free time or your current work. We already knew that bloggers are quite audiences and good monetization networks, so bloggers can easily earn revenue. In the instant tips today, we will advise three networks where you can easily adjust your blog and start publishing articles on the web:

1. wordpress org
Wordpress is a free, open source content management system whose power is 27.5% full web. Its main PHP and SMS is, therefore, it is highly valued and it is supported by a large community that releases plug-ins and updates to improve the regular platform. . You do not need any information about the code, just sign up with one of their host providers, choose the theme and you are done. We have a lesson that can help you start your WordPress blog within 5 minutes.

2. Blogger
Host is not connected to any wire by Google. You only need to buy a domain and connect with Blogger and you're good to go. Blogger's main XHTML and python and its pre-developed templates and other hundreds of hundreds online are in depth lessons about online platforms available. You have to make some communications here and improve your blog search engine, but it's definitely worth it.

The latest platform for past stories and has recently begun paying its authors, and how many readers like their content on their basis. It has a minimal design that has to eliminate muscles and ads in the entire platform, so you can focus only on creation of content. If there are more than 100 million monthly visitors, then it is an ideal platform if you just want to be a story without worrying about website management.

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