Bangladeshi Fans Are Saying India Won Match By Cheating And Liton Das Was Wrongly Given Out

Bangladeshi Fans Are Saying India Won Match By Cheating And Liton Das Was Wrongly Given Out
Bangladeshi Fans Are Saying India Won Match By Cheating And Liton Das Was Wrongly Given Out

Yesterday was the day of festivity for Indian fans as India won the Asia Cup by crushing Bangladesh by 3 wickets. In spite of the way that India won the finals, the Bangladeshi group should be lauded for the endeavors that they made for giving intense rivalry to the Indian group. The Bangladeshi bowlers completed an incredible activity in guarding a little aggregate of 222 and they didn't give the Indian group a chance to win the match till the last bundle of the innings. 

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Bangladeshi Fans Are Saying India Won Match By Cheating And Liton Das Was Wrongly Given Out

Bangladesh had a decent begin as Liton Das scored a century and furthermore included 120 keeps running as first wicket organization with Mehidy Hasan Miraz. In any case, the center request of the Bangladeshi group was not ready to do much and the entire group got out at 222 runs. Liton Das' rejection was a colossal misfortune for group Bangladesh and not long after he got out, Bangladeshi fans began blaming BCCI for duping in the match
At the point when Liton was batting at the score of 121, while endeavoring to play Kuldeep's conveyance, Liton's foot went out the wrinkle and Dhoni evacuated the safeguards with a lightning speed. The interest alluded to the Third Umpire as it was a near calamity. The choice was an intense one as Lipton's foot was on the wrinkle while the safeguards were expelled however the Third Umpire gave the choice as out. He was given out in light of the fact that according to the guidelines, batsman's bat or anyone part ought to be behind the line of wrinkle while befuddling. 

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Here's a video in this association:

Hello umpire, HOW WAS IT OUT? I know the reason. The reason is this is bangladesh Cricket Team. Ok. This is not gentlemen's game.

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The decision didn’t go well with the Bangladeshi fans and they called it a case of cheating. They started expressing their anger on Twitter and went to the extent of saying that ICC is Indian Cricket Council and not International Cricket Council while some trollers posted that ICC = BCCI.
Indian cricket fans did try to educate Bangladeshi fans by telling them about the Law-39 as per which Liton Das was clearly out.
However, Bangladeshi fans were in no mood to listen and this is how they reacted:



We can see clearly from this angle Liton Das, the man who was playing after scoring centuary his foot was behind the line but the umpire gave him out cauze he knows if he don't gave him out this match may be his last match as umpiring.


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Well done Rod Tucker , Cricket doesn't ruled by ICC its ruled by BCCI. India and their so called brought umpire striking once again. Only extraordinary bowling n fielding can save Bangladesh


You are right in supporting Bangladesh team for a good fight. But its not @ICC that facilitates @BCCI but the other way around. Arrogance never pays my friend so learn something +ve from Dhoni, Rohit or even Kuldeep yadav for that matter to build a mature team.




Great job by the guys to win that tight game last night. ✌๐Ÿพ @BCCI
Seventh Asia Cup title for us ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ†
Congrats to Bangladesh as well for giving a tough fight. @BCBtigers

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I am drawing attention to Bangladesh BCB. It is a fate that you take a system. It is not a system or it will be very bad in the future because India's brokerage does not do it again. The ICC Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will not be a part of the ICC Cricket Board


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I pissed the Indian broker @ICC @BCCI @msdhoni @TheAsiaCup2018 @Rodtucker
. I do not think you can run an organization with brokers like you. I have a question on whether there was an illegitimate child, how many people gave birth to your cousins.




@ICC Shame on you ICC.
Are you representing Hegemony of BCCI in cricket??
That was surely a Not out!!!




We leave it up to you to decide whether Liton Das was out or not; however, we still feel that accusing BCCI and ICC of cheating is a bit too much and Bangladeshis should accept their defeat with respect.

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